Building Benson Hill’s Missouri Headquarters

The fast-growing crop improvement company Benson Hill has a critical trait in common with Clayco – we strive to meet modern demand and positively cater to communities. Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative were the design builders for Benson Hill’s 160,000-square-foot Creve Coeur, Missouri facility. These headquarters will support the company’s mission of leveraging innovative partnerships to create healthier and sustainably-produced food options that mitigate climate change.

When it comes to food consumption, Benson Hill noted that 90% of U.S. consumers seek simple ingredients they recognize as healthier, and 65% want their food to be functional. Since “you are what you eat,” people understand (myself included) that the fuel we put in our bodies directly correlates with our health and well-being. The organization is channeling science into tangible progress to unlock the potential for how plants can transform and refine the food we eat.

By combining advances in biology and the hard work of their team, Benson Hill will use this facility to continue demonstrating responsible global citizenship and its commitment to global health in alignment with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. The building incorporates versatile research laboratories, communal workspaces, lounges, fitness and yoga spaces, and various break areas. These features foster collaborative engagement and enhance the overall work environment, extending beyond the confines of traditional laboratory settings.

The new HQ accommodates Benson Hill’s tremendous growth as they expand product development capacity and ramp up commercialization efforts to improve food and ingredients on a global scale. As our businesses work to cultivate healthier communities, it’s vital to recognize the importance of both mental and physical health. This project gave our Clayco team the perfect opportunity to prove that we practice what we preach concerning our drive to spark impact beyond the walls we construct.

While the development was under construction, our team noticed a man who would watch the construction team day in and out. Eventually, a teammate introduced themselves and discovered the man’s name was Harold. Harold lived in a nearby nursing home and had been a crane operator for over 50 years. From then on, the two would share a daily lunch or a coffee to discuss construction work, and Harold would offer critiques and insight to the young crane operator. This wholesome interaction is a testament to our Clayco team’s initiative to reach out to people in local communities and make a difference in any way we can.

When companies like Benson Hill and Clayco work together, we can generate lasting change in the lives, perspectives, and well-being of the communities where we operate and beyond. I look forward to how the HQ facility will propel Benson Hill’s team on its journey to evolve society with improved access to healthier food.

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