Moments & Memories: Reflecting on 2023

2023 was filled with incredible ideas and innovative achievements. The value and impact of the Art & Science of Building were stronger than ever and reflect the importance of human connection and building while continuously moving our society in a positive direction. I have never been more confident in the great work we do at Clayco and the positive effect we have on lives across the nation. The best part of this job is helping others along their journey and watching our team members achieve their goals. Our team accomplishes so much together in business, for our families, and neighborhoods. Next year will be even more remarkable!

Evolving Communities

Clayco continues to evolve into an industry powerhouse. We have grown our family with the opening of offices across America, including the grand opening of our regional headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and the relocation and expansion of our soon-to-be-opened St. Louis office and operations center. Regardless of where our teams are located, we aim to generate the most beneficial impact on our clients and communities.

We have been at the forefront of the data center boom across the US, delivering high-performing centers quickly and efficiently as we work alongside mission-critical design teams and engineers. Our dedication to eco-friendly initiatives and infrastructure has also remained steadfast. Clayco has sparked an electric revolution in more ways than one. Whether partnering with companies to build electric vehicle manufacturing facilities like Rivian and VinFast or releasing our company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, Clayco is committed to helping create communities of the future.

Driving DEI

What happens inside of buildings is always more significant than the brick-and-mortar work. Our Clayco team works to break through the barriers of income, race, sexual orientation, and gender that are prevalent in the construction industry. Delmar Divine is an example of how structures can serve as a centerpiece for advancement and reimagining life for residents. My goal is for the Clark Family Branch of the St. Louis County library system to become another space for connection.

We’ve had many opportunities to make a difference with scholarship programs like the Build Our Future scholarship and serve as sponsors to programs such as the Construction Career Development Initiative to help cultivate more equitable spaces for all. Our annual Kids Dig, in partnership with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, was also a great success this year! It’s heartwarming to see the patients participate in hands-on construction education and operate bulldozers, excavators, and other equipment (with professional assistance, of course).

Illuminating Innovation

Illumination 2023: Underwater was a tremendous success this year and raised $1.1 million to cast a light on rare diseases and support the search to cure RVCL. This gala is one of my favorite events to advocate for and stands as one of The Clayco Foundation’s largest commitments toward meaningful research. With the aid of our RVCL donors and Illumination event attendees, our research team continues to work tirelessly toward a cure.

Insightful Events

I love to travel and meet people from all walks of life, and 2023 was an excellent year to do so. It was great to attend various events across the US and in Mexico, some for work and others for fun. I even took a journey back in time to Egypt and Jordan!

It was an honor to introduce my friend, President Biden, for his economic policy speech in Chicago. So many of the Midwest’s esteemed leaders, including Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, and other representatives, joined to hear the president’s plan to boost the national economy. I am a strong supporter of “Bidenomics,” I even sat down with Julie Hyman and Brad Smith of Yahoo Finance to discuss the state of the office and the advanced manufacturing sector fueled by Bidenomics – but expressing my sentiments to the president in person was far better.

Forging the Future

Thank you to our wonderful Clayco team and everyone who made 2023 a pivotal period for our organization and beyond. In 2024, we will unleash our mission of building Beyond These Walls like never before.

Together, let’s forge ahead with an even stronger commitment to evolving our world!

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