Recognizing Pride and the LGBTQ+ Community

A big part of social progress is recognizing that people cannot be defined by one aspect of their life, whether that is gender, sexuality, or even race. This Pride Month, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by striving to provide equal opportunity and safe environments for people from all walks of life. At Clayco, we believe in more than constructing buildings, we believe in building welcoming communities.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done at Clayco to advocate for change, including the creation of Clayco Rising – the most comprehensive diversity and inclusion program in the construction industry. This initiative is the culmination of 25 years of creating meaningful prospects and enduring structural change for our teams, minority-owned and women-owned business partners, and the communities where we live and work. The sector has a long way to go to improve LGBTQ+ inclusion, but we strive every day to provide a workplace that is inclusive, equitable, and offers a shared sense of belonging.

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just good for morality – they are also good for business. Cultivating a workplace where people feel free to be themselves will allow them to do their best work in an environment free of bias or discrimination. It also strengthens companies by adding different perspectives and experiences that can lead to innovative enterprises and solutions.

The Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network conducted a survey to determine what inclusive leadership looks like at the NHS. 80% of respondents identified as LGBTQ+ and the remaining identified as allies. While most felt that leadership approaches in their organizations were relatively inclusive, other replies pointed to the lack of diverse intersectionality in leadership roles.

Companies have a growing influence on society and a growing responsibility to it. Leveraging resources and partnerships can help lift others up and rise above societal barriers set by race, income, and gender. Through June and beyond, encourage greater acceptance through representation, visibility, and experience.

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