Climate Week at Clayco

Climate Week is the perfect time to open the dialogue about what companies and individuals alike are doing to leave a positive impact on our environment. NYC hosts an annual Climate Week with a program of events dedicated to analyzing climate change and evaluating what methods and transformations are needed to make a sustainable change. Events like this are important to discover unique solutions as they bring together leaders to provide insight and action for our communities. One vital topic of conversation for their agenda is the essential transition to clean energy.

We at Clayco are hosting our own Climate Week to educate our team members on corporate sustainability and commitments, as well as facilitate a job site toolbox to discuss projects and energy consumption while providing everyone with the opportunity to learn about how climate change affects different regions.

It’s Great to Go Green

Leaders everywhere should take the initiative to implement “green” policies into their daily lives and enterprises. Clayco is doing its part to leave a better planet for future generations by committing to a variety of climate-based initiatives, including the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard! This is the world’s first framework for corporate net-zero target setting in line with climate science. It provides companies with a pathway to track, reduce, and eventually eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

During Clayco’s Climate Week, our team is talking about how initiatives like this are essential and promote the necessary steps toward continued innovation. Clayco consistently works to influence society beyond these walls, and our dedication to this has helped drive all of our environmentally-friendly policies and projects. We have earned third-party green certifications with over 95 LEED-certified projects, and our team offers services that use data to inform better design and construction ventures, including energy modeling, embodied carbon studies, and more. At the end of this week, we are participating in an environmental clean-up hosted by our sustainability team and a partnering organization in each participating city—St. Louis, Chicago, Phoenix, and Culver City.

For the Future

Climate change is one of the most important topics of discussion worldwide and impacts people across cultures, barriers, and regions. This week, we are coming together to show people across industries how seriously we take these issues.

Ryan Spies is Clayco’s Vice President of Sustainability and is doing an incredible job with the rest of our team in developing a holistic strategy to calculate and lower our carbon footprint. Ryan also works to discover new business opportunities that can lead to a broader positive effect through quality collaborations and developments. Our Clayco family is eager to lead our industry toward a greener and healthier future. We have the greatest ability to reduce emissions when our projects utilize our integrated services with CRG-developed, LJC-designed, and Clayco-built buildings along with our concrete subsidiary, Concrete Strategies. These companies are instrumental in decreasing our carbon output.

I am excited to see how our partnerships and innovative ideas continue to change the construction industry and the world for the better!

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