Diving Into Contemporary Art at the CAM 2022 Gala

Clayco is always proud to partner with organizations that highlight quality contributions in their communities, which is why we sponsored the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) 2022 Gala in St. Louis this past weekend. I was excited to attend the event and celebrate the CAM’s dynamic range of exhibitions, public programs, educational initiatives, and collaborations including its current exhibitions by Martine Gutierrez, Alia Farid and Gala Porras-Kim.

Photo by: CAM STL

Photo by: CAM STL

Martine Gutierrez acts as subject, artist, and muse by subverting pop-cultural tropes in the exploration of identity. HIT MOVIE: Vol 1, on show at the CAM, is a video collage developed for the site that features a series of femme fatale characters performed, costumed, and directed by Gutierrez.

Alia Farid’s works explore the ecological devastation of southern Iraq and the forced displacement of its people, the histories of Arab and South Asian migration to Latin America and the Caribbean, and the international Puerto-Rican solidarity movement. Her video installation at the CAM – At The Time of the Ebb (2019) – meanders through the Fisherman’s New Year Festival in Qeshm Nowruz Sayadeen, which takes place on the summer solstice every year.

Gala Porras-Kim’s work investigates the ethical principles of museum conversation and invites viewers to find new meanings in artifacts. From Colombia but currently living in Los Angeles, Kim’s craft explores the institutional frameworks that define, legitimize, and preserve cultural heritage.

Showcasing the CAM and its efforts, the gala honored two Missouri residents that have worked to improve their community –– Nancy and Ken Kranzberg. Since 2006, they have been instrumental in the development of key cultural institutions and venues including two radio stations – the Sun Theater and the Metro Theater Company. The Kranzberg’s believe that the soul of a city is shaped by its artists and have put their efforts toward creating essential infrastructures that allow the arts to thrive within the St. Louis region.

I am looking forward to continuing to move our communities in a positive, valuable direction for all by working with innovative institutions and partners.

Read more about the CAM Gala here.

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