The key choices we get to make in this life

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Some of the key choices that we get to make in this life are the things we prioritize, both with our finances and with our energy and efforts. Over the course of my life, my priorities have shifted immensely.

I now spend a large amount of my time focusing on the work that our foundation is doing, as well as being engaged in impactful community efforts. The majority of the work that we are a part of is aimed at issues directly affecting my family and the Clayco community.

Some of the causes most dear to us involve funding for medical research on cancer and rare disease as well as support for the patients and families experiencing these illnesses firsthand; partnering with organizations that strive to create a more diverse workforce and those that seek to empower young girls to reach their potential; utilizing our role in various communities to offer support and guidance for job seekers and business leaders; and prioritizing sustainability in building as well as alignment with the UN initiative for sustainable development.

As a builder, I think one of the greatest impacts that my industry can have is to shape the environments and the spaces that we live in. Although I do this in my work with Clayco, it is fun to work on extra projects to create fun spaces for community enjoyment.

The Ellen Clark Sculpture Park on the campus of St. Louis University is an outdoor public space and sculpture park featuring the work of Brother Mel Meyer. What I love about it is that it has become an unofficial dog park that is beloved by the community and was voted the Best Dog Park in St. Louis the past two years!

While financial contributions towards these initiatives are of great importance to me, it is equally critical to participate in a hands-on manner. I am ardently committed to being involved in politics on a local and national level and cannot stress enough the importance of the vote, having personally seen the effect on vital issues like stem cell research.

Furthermore, I spend a lot of time being active on boards and committees, and as a member of various organizations and clubs. Beyond what I can contribute, one of the most meaningful ways to generate impact has been to extend these opportunities to Clayco’s employees. By encouraging them to donate time and company-backed finances to organizations aligned with Clayco’s values, I have been personally rewarded by witnessing the effect it has had on the community and all aspects of the business.

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