Art Basel in Miami Beach 2023

The magic of art is on full display in Miami!

Some of the world’s greatest artists and collectors have come together for one of my and Jane’s favorite occasions - Art Basel in Miami Beach! From December 6th to 10th, this amazing, top-notch event assembles more than 250 galleries from 35 countries with works from 4,000+ renowned art masters and up-and-coming creators. As an avid lover and collector of art, Art Basel has been one of the highlights of the year.

The Miami Beach Convention Center hosts this event in conjunction with Miami Art Week. It features an array of vibrant offerings, including various satellite art fairs and exhibits at local museums and galleries. I perused many of the must-see showrooms and considered adding some of the alluring pieces to the Clark Collection.

It was great to see some of my favorite artists on display and gain an entirely new perspective and appreciation for their dynamic work. Zanele Muholi, a celebrated South African photographer, filmmaker, and LGBTQ+ activist, continues to reclaim photography and promote the fact that “photography doesn’t have a gender.” Muholi is represented by the Yancey Richardson Gallery, which is an incredible institution from which I procure a lot of artwork. The Clark Collection features two of Muholi’s self-portraits – Bhekezakhe (Parktown), 2016, Gelatin Silver Print, and Buzani (Parktown), 2016, Gelatin Silver Print.

What a pleasure to see Mickalene Thomas, another featured artist whose artwork explores issues of identity, representation, and gender while drawing on popular culture and art history. Three of her pieces, Madame Mama Bush (2012), Everyone Loves Kalenda (2016), and Dior Lady Art #3 (2018), grace the Clark Collection with new perspectives and fresh, unexpected ideas. I was also thrilled to connect with fellow Midwesterners, like art collector Sharon Hoffman, who is from Kansas City, and Nick Cave – a Missourian and one of the most famous artists in the world! Nick specializes in “Soundsuits” – surreal objects that mix fashion and sculpture, originating as metaphorical suits of armor in response to the police brutality witnessed in the LAPD’s beating of Rodney King.

I also had the opportunity to talk with some artists one-on-one, including Rhona Hoffman, whose eclectic gallery brings international contemporary artwork to West Chicago. Rhona has been evolving the art world for over 50 years and is an iconic figure who has inspired and supported creatives of all kinds.

One of my favorite pieces from this year’s event was from the Garth Greenan Gallery, where I met Logistics Director Christopher Barton.

Art is a powerful bridge that connects communities with a sense of unity and shared experience. As an art enthusiast, I enjoyed Art Basel in Miami Beach and immersing myself in the diverse narratives that artists bring to life through their creations.

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