Building a Greener Future with Rivian

We’re sparking an electric revolution in more ways than one!

I am super excited that Clayco will be Rivian’s building partner for their new 1,800-acre plant in Stanton Springs, Georgia. Rivian is an innovative American automaker at the forefront of the EV industry. The company will use the eco-conscious site to develop its next-gen R2 electric vehicles and implement sustainable manufacturing methods to promote a healthier planet.

The facility will also advance the local community by employing over 7,500 people and building 400,000 EVs annually. We at Clayco are proud to be a part of Rivian’s valiant effort to sustain life on our planet by creating solutions that change consumer mindsets and inspire others to make positive fundamental changes.

Like Clayco, Rivian’s goal is to do the “impossible” and channel our diverse teams and ideas into forward-thinking endeavors that change the trajectory of society for the better. Our partnership is vital to shifting society’s dependence on harmful fossil fuels to greener energy that benefits worldwide communities. Rivian and Clayco understand that we must take extraordinary steps to stop the carbonization of our atmosphere to build a future the youth deserves.

We at Clayco believe it is our duty to protect and preserve the natural and cultural resources of the Earth we all share. Since I founded Clayco, the company’s mission has been to build Beyond Our Walls in the best way possible. We are a part of something much larger than a project – we are a part of changing the planet, mindsets, and past trends.

Efficiency and sustainability are critical elements of the plant’s construction and functions, which is why we have a strong and collaborative construction team. Clayco and Rivian will be supported by Jacobs as the engineer of record and Skidmore, Owings &Merrill (SOM) as the design architect. Together, we are working to solve the planet’s most pressing problems via cutting-edge technologies and sustainable operations.

The plant will begin producing EVs in 2026 and help preserve the natural world for generations to come. Now is the time for individuals and industries to unite to transition the world toward sustainable energy.

Let’s go green and keep the world adventurous forever!

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