Chamberlain University – Phoenix

This exciting Arizona project isn't just about putting up buildings – it's about giving knowledge and potential a serious boost! Step into the dynamic world of education innovation with Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative as we embark on a journey at Chamberlain University's vibrant campus in Phoenix.

Education extends beyond books and classrooms. It involves creating a foundation for societies to thrive. Clayco and LJC’s collaboration continues to turn dreams into reality with the renovation of a two-story office building to create another state-of-the-art higher education nursing program for Adtalem Global Education in the Phoenix region. The new 45,000 square feet of space will include lecture classrooms, science classrooms, simulation exam rooms, nursing skills workshops, breakout study spaces, and a cafe and market.

Chamberlain University is the biggest nursing school in the country and works to empower a diverse group of healthcare professionals. The institution is all about improving the well-being of people, families, communities, and nations. The Phoenix campus builds on the success of our first renovation at Chamberlain University School of Nursing in Miramar, Florida.

Adtalem is a top-tier healthcare educator that teams with organizations to proactively address future workforce needs, career development, and more. Its productive partnerships exemplify the power of industry alliances and prove that connective spaces not only help people learn but can also become a hub for fresh ideas and progress. Together, we are making a real impact on healthcare!

Leveraging LJC's expertise in healthcare and higher education learning, combined with Adtalem's brand standards, we're crafting a space that embodies our vision. Our goal is to seamlessly blend inspiration and functionality, creating an environment that attracts students and fosters campus growth. Adtalem is also planning for future expansion and to renovate an additional 12,000 square feet on the second floor of the same building.

During the design phase, our teams interviewed the client, constituents, and end-users to align the final design with their expectations. We are striving to bring Adtalem's unique vision to life in a space that will enhance its positive reputation.

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