January's Architect of the Month: EwingCole

Pfizer, Inc EwingCole

EwingCole takes a collaborative approach to real estate architecture, engineering, design-build, and construction. Like Clayco, the firm’s objective is to enhance how design and architecture impact the individual.

We share an integrated design approach that includes architecture, workplace strategy, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning, and engineering and that’s why I admire EwingCole. In practice for more than 60 years, the enterprise has offices in Baltimore, Charlotte, Irvine, New York, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and San Diego.

Commitment to Sustainability

Long before adaptive reuse, smart buildings, and eco-roofs became part of the design and construction world, EwingCole helped to lead the way in sustainable architecture. The firm’s architects show respect and care for the relationship between open spaces and the built environment. Its engineers have a deep understanding of energy consumption and passive climate control.

CEO Jared Loos has held various leadership positions at EwingCole since he joined the company in 1994. His exposure to multiple disciplines and aspects of the business has given him a valuable perspective. An architect and engineer, his approach to design and sustainability is holistic. Because of his interest in science and technology he has led and contributed to many of the firm’s most complex and remarkable buildings, including EwingCole’s first net-zero building. The 210,000 square-foot, elliptical-shaped Unisphere houses biotechnology company United Therapeutics.

Innovation through partnership

The company has succeeded in creating “a studio culture” where professionalism, creativity, communication, positive energy, and mutual respect are fundamental. By enabling its people to work to their fullest potential, EwingCole lives its philosophy of “innovation through partnership” and is redefining the sector.

Creating Experiences

The firm’s architects and designers aim to create places that elevate the human experience. Its design culture is to transform common buildings and landscapes into meaningful spaces that are memorable and significant for the people who use them.

Collaborative and Integrated Process

Through a combination of research and the most up-to-date design technologies, EwingCole is able to interpret its clients’ ideas and ambitions. The firm’s approach is collaborative, creative, and thorough.
Open communication with clients encourages higher quality work, a deep understanding of what is important to them, and a relationship of mutual trust and transparency.

Because we share similar values and commitments, it’s no surprise that Clayco and EwingCole work really well as partners.

One of the recent projects we worked on together was Pfizer’s new research and development facility, located just outside of my hometown of St. Louis in Chesterfield, Missouri. It’s a cutting-edge research and development campus, designed in compliance with LEED sustainability certification criteria. It has a total of 295,000 square feet of flexible laboratories and open office space, supporting its biologics and vaccine therapy development capabilities. This project has become a significant center for Pfizer in the Midwest region.

Working together allows our teams to look at how processes can be improved, and to come up with design solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. A combination of creative and rational minds can create structures that are both beautiful objects and highly functional spaces. That’s why we love working with this talented group.

For more about EwingCole and their inspiring projects, visit their website https://www.ewingcole.com/

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