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Building the world that we want to live in is our responsibility, and this goes beyond just constructing buildings. If we only focus on creating opportunities for ourselves alone, the industry and the community suffer, which in turn limits the potential for everybody. Clayco is in the fortunate position to have the resources and brain power to invest back into the community and I am personally energized by our work for the business community beyond our walls.

I am particularly fond of my weekly meetings with small business owners, which are opportunities to provide mentorship and guidance for the growth and professionalism of smaller, less financially strong companies. We also provide support to people who have been laid off in various industries by having our recruiting department help them with the job search, their resumes, and interview tips.

The Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise community (M/WBE) is another primary focus of mine, ensuring that we sustain our outreach efforts to M/WBE firms so that we can provide opportunities, connections, and involvement in our projects in order to enhance their success. The Construction Careers Development Initiative (CCDI), is an avenue in which we are able to participate in the empowerment and career development of young people from disadvantaged groups, increasing their exposure to job opportunities within the construction and design industries, and provide them hands-on experience and mentorship. There are many other initiatives within Clayco that tackle issues of equal opportunity and empowerment, but I also believe in moving beyond our walls and our industry to serve the greater community. Girls on the Run is a girl’s empowerment organization we are involved in that provides guidance and mentorship to young girls, inspiring them to reach their potential and recognize their value in society.

Character is critical in life and in business, and it is important to me to look around at my team and know they have good character. It is very gratifying to get to be part of the process in building that character and to help people of all ages and in all positions fulfill their potential.

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