Michael Fassnacht Named Clayco’s New Chief Growth Officer

I am THRILLED to announce Michael Fassnacht is championing the new role of Chief Growth Officer and President of Chicagoland at Clayco. Michael will oversee the area’s business, civic, and community efforts, including business development, marketing, and sales, while serving as a mentor and coach to the team working alongside him. This first-ever role will enable Michael to support all organizational units, further elevate Clayco as a world-class B2B marketer, and help meet our ambitious development plans for the next decade and beyond.

Michael is a well-known business executive and civic leader who brings a wealth of expertise to Clayco and will serve as a valuable asset in driving excellence. His visionary leadership is poised to make a substantial and lasting impact on the expansion and triumph of our company and its various initiatives. I admire Michael’s dedication to fostering inclusive economic development and investment, paired with the creation of visually striking and unforgettable marketing initiatives that highlight the genuine essence of our residents.

I’m proud that our Clayco team is doubling down on our commitment to growth throughout Chicagoland. Michael's exceptional leadership at World Business Chicago demonstrates his capacity to excel and accomplish remarkable feats as a highly engaged civic leader spanning several years. His unparalleled enthusiasm for business, comprehension of the economic landscape, and creative mindset will greatly contribute to the strategic success of our clients and the Clayco team.

Michael’s accomplishments as a corporate leader, entrepreneur, and civic spokesperson are a combination that we cherish at Clayco. He started his career at Lufthansa Airlines in Frankfurt, Germany, and launched a marketing tech firm in Silicon Valley in the early 2000s. He moved to Chicago in 2006 to lead a tenure at global advertising firm Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) and increased its revenue above-market growth for 10 years in a row – solidifying the company as one of the most creatively successful firms globally.

Together, we will continue to cultivate Clayco into one of America’s most respected companies. I am excited to see how his collaborative and transformative approach aligns with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. Let’s achieve new milestones and create a lasting impact with the Art and Science of Building!

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