November’s Subcontractor of the Month: Wies Drywall

Leading to serve others is something that Clayco and Wies Drywall have in common. That is why our partnership has been so successful across an array of national projects!

Wies Drywall is an experienced construction specialist and commercial drywall contractor that has been serving its clients since 1971. Its main priority is to build walls and take care of people – just like Clayco! We work well together to solve problems creatively and turn ideas into innovation.

Our Clayco team has enjoyed working with Wies Drywall on various developments, including several at Washington University. We worked on South 40 Village, which called for the demolition and reconstruction of the main campus dining facility and other integral spaces. It emulates a European streetscape design with a pedestrian “spine” that connects the South 40 residential campus with the academic campus to the north.

We also collaborated on Washington University School of Medicine’s 12-story office building at the heart of the growing medical campus. The Mid-Campus Center (MCC) consolidated medical offices and will offer more space for connection and healthcare discoveries. To continue on the path of innovation, we developed Wash U’s Environmental Health and Safety Building, which houses hazardous waste processing and storage functions as well as offices and ties to the Scott McKinley Research Building.

Another one of our joint developments that supports medical spaces is the Edward A. Doisy Research Center at Saint Louis University. The center enables scientists to further research discoveries in the areas of cancer, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, aging and brain disease, and vaccine development.

Wies Drywall did an excellent job on one of my favorite impactful projects – Delmar DivINe! This community development is close to my heart as it’s in my hometown of St. Louis, and it has become a hub for conversation and creativity that reflects a 21st-century approach to maximizing human and financial capital.

Advancing and improving communities is always the name of the game for Clayco and our partners. 308 Green Street is another example of the great work we can do together. We teamed up with Wies Drywall to bring the high-rise residential student living building near the University of Illinois campus to life.

Remaining industry leaders requires businesses to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to support the economy and well-being of our nation. One of the ways our Clayco and Wies Drywall teams have done this is by constructing national data centers. These developments significantly support America's mission to keep up with the global data center race and provide fast and effective technology to citizens.

Building communities always works better when we do it together with heart. I look forward to working with Wies Drywall more in the future as we continue to build on our partnership and focus on beneficially impacting our clients, vendors, and colleagues.

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