Penn State University West Campus Parking Garage and Infrastructure

Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative are implementing our integrated approach to construct The Penn State University Park West Campus Parking Structure. This development will help accommodate growth in the area by adding approximately 1,380 to 1,670 parking spots.

The project includes the extension of White Course Drive and a major roadway connection from West College Avenue to the parking structure, expanding the existing stormwater detention basin on West Campus, and more. Our LJC and Clayco teams collaborated closely with Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant, Transportation Services, and CATA teams to design the structure in the center of the West Campus.

The Penn State‘s West Campus Garage job site is a perfect example of how our work goes beyond the walls of the structures we build. We welcomed a senior-level Civil Engineering Geotech Class for a tour of the project led by Project Engineer Cailyn McCarthy and Project Coordinator Jackie Lepore who highlighted its progress. Alexis Lubman, a senior in the touring class and current Clayco intern, also attended which was a welcome and impactful addition as she is set to be hired as a full-time Project Engineer at Clayco after graduation. It is great to see how our work impacts the lives of individuals throughout our communities and sparks the next generation of innovators.

The structure is also part of an integration with other University ventures and is the first created from the ongoing PSU College of Engineering Master Plan. In typical Clayco fashion, our team perfectly upheld safety regulations and achieved the impressive milestone of being injury-free for an entire year. What an excellent demonstration of what it means to be Clayco Safe!

I look forward to how our Clayco partnerships and projects will continue to help students best navigate their campus and community.

Read more about the project here.

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